Why should I learn to Code?

When we awake each morning, we find ourselves in a world where the technology boom has created yet another wealth of employment opportunities that only yesterday were seemingly incomprehensible.

Digital Marketing companies need designers who can also create websites, entrepreneurs need to understand the developing technologies to keep ahead of their competition. Venture Capitalists and Investors need to develop new skills to assess the potential success of the investments they are making.

The result is that everyone is now considered a technology worker regardless of the sector in which they work. In today's professional workplace everyone needs, at the very least, to understand the basics of code.

Without this knowledge, workers will not be able to effectively compete in the marketplace and employers will find themselves out manoeuvred and out skilled by companies who have recognised the importance of filling vacancies with IT literate staff.

Even if we take into account all university Computer Science graduates - 825,000 European ICT jobs will remain vacant by 2020.

If this sounds like an opportunity to you, it is!

Completing one of our courses will future-proof your skillset; help you achieve a promotion, or change career by learning the most in-demand skill on the planet.

Code Boot Camp

What is the Diploma in Software Development?

The Diploma in Software Development is a full-stack intensive coding course. The course content is created and validated by tech-industry experts and academics who ensure we teach the most relevant, industry-validated course content - enhancing graduate employability.

If you choose to complete this course in our Belfast Training Suite you can complete the qualification in 12 weeks of full time study. Alternatively, we offer a part-time online mentored option which can be completed over the course of a year.

What Will I Take Away?

Upon successful completion of your course and projects, you will be awarded the Code Institute Full Stack Diploma in Software Development from the only accredited Coding Bootcamp in Europe.

By undertaking our course, you will have developed the skills to attain your first role as a junior developer or advance in your current career. Designed with practical, hands-on coding in mind - students finish with a packed portfolio. Finally, graduates receive a digital diploma to display on LinkedIn.

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Coding Fundamentals for Business Professionals

Closing the gap between code and conversation.

Are you an industry professional who is baffled by coding speak? If you find yourself being left behind in meetings where SDK, API, Django and Java are being bandied around, you're not alone.

As non-coders around the world struggle to communicate with their development teams, projects are delayed or never see the light of day, budgets are burned and you're left wondering where it all went wrong. 37% of developers cite poor team or organisation management as the reason why software projects fail.

But that doesn't have to be the case anymore with our Diploma in Coding Fundamentals - a 30 hour online course of video content that will help you better communicate with coders to bring your ideas to life and enhance your career.

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Project Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Executives
  • Accountants and Financiers
  • Professional Services Organisations
  • Designers
  • Consultants
  • Recruiters

Over 30 hours you will learn;

  • The understanding of the software development life-cycle that will empower you to contribute to the technology decision making within your role.
  • How to brief coders into a project in a language you'll both understand
  • How to build and empower great coding teams
  • The key concepts and business opportunities of software development
  • Where, Why and When programming languages including Java, HTML, CSS, Python, C++ and more are used.
  • The importance UI and UX focused design. (Mobile, Responsive Web Design)
  • Core coding competencies: Front End, Back End, frameworks, software development, Cloud Computing, Data Management, and APIs.

This course is packed with digestible content and useful information. You'll come away with an excellent understanding of effective communication, cross-team collaboration, and the language of code.

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Mentored Online
£4995pp Terms and Conditions Apply.
£8900pp Terms and Conditions Apply.
Coding for Business Professionals £1495pp Terms and Conditions Apply.

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